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Provide medical-surgical high specialty with quality and safety, which promotes the formation of resources specialized human and the development of scientific research that contribute to improving the health of the Mexican population.


We will be the model of the Hospitals Federal Reference with national and international recognition, to integrate the education and scientific research to the medical assistance, to be a pole of attraction of human resource in training led to the high specialty, primarily surgery.


  • Quality in the medical assistance to promote medical care effective and dignified treatment to patients.
  • Vanguard in the processes of attention, to give patients the best alternatives to the resolution of its problematic in health.
  • Respect for human life, to implement the best ordered in health and cause the least possible damage.
  • Methodological rigor in the research and education, with high technology to generate new knowledge and professionals with a vocation.
  • Integrity in the service, to act with honesty, consistent with the truth, to behave in this way, the staff encouraged the credibility of the society in the hospital and contribute to generate a culture of confidence and attachment to the truth.
  • Impartiality in the treatment and to act without granting preferences or undue privileges to organization or person.
  • Transparency in the public service, to encourage the use responsible and clear of public resources, eliminating the discretion undue in its implementation.
  • Accountability, fully assuming before society, the responsibility to perform the functions in an appropriate manner and sujetarnos its assessment. In this way, we pledge to comply with the institutional goals with efficiency and quality, as well as to count permanently with the willingness to develop processes of continuous improvement, modernization and optimization of public resources.


México, D.F.
Av.Politecnico Nacional  5160,
Col. Magdalena de las Salinas
Delegación  G.A. Madero, C.P. 07760,
Telephone: 57477560
e-mail: buzonhospitaljuarez@salud.gob.mx



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